The premier resource for facilitating business relationships and sharing knowledge among our communnity




The Hobbs Hispano Chamber of Commerce was founded December of 2004 by a group of local business community leaders who felt there was a need to form an organization dedicated to the Hispanic community.


Our vision of uniting small, women and minority-owned businesses and professionals through the Hobbs Hispano Chamber of Commerce;  as a place to advocate, promote and network.  Allowing business leaders, owners and professionals to further enhance their skills and knowledge for operating a successful small business.  To represent the entire community locally and regionally and lend a voice to the Hispanic community.




  • Provide the resources by which Small business owners and professionals can be recognized for their contributions and commitment to the development and economic growth of Hobbs.


  • Advance awareness about small business and the goods and services they provide to the local community.


  • Provide the small business owners and entrepreneurs with opportunities to enhance their products and services.


  • Promote opportunities and information on community affairs and how to become engaged in our local community.


  • Serve as an advocate for promoting our rich Hispanic culture and traditions within the community, while enhancing its quality of life.


  • Hispanic Marketing: as the Hispanic population grows, your company should further engage and market to this growing demographic. The HHCC offers a platform to connect to the Hispanic community.


  • Recognize outstanding Hispanic leaders, businesses, citizens and youth for their positive influence on our community.


  • Offer procurement, financing and networking opportunities for minority-owned businesses.


  • Market Hobbs as a visitor destination with its rich, diverse culture; great quality of life and the friendliest people on earth.