Pan Dulce y Cafe (Monthly Event):                          

This event is generally hosted by one of our Business Member and it's an opportunity for the Business Member to promote their business to our community.Everybody is welcome to this breakfast and networking event. Join us and meet other other HHCC Members as well as people in our community. The event is a come and go event so stay a few minutes or a couple of hours. It is usually held on the last Friday of the month from 7 AM - 9 AM.


Annual Banquet: Tentative

The Annual Banquet is a celebration of our Business Community and is held every year at the Lea County Event Center.



Fiestas de Septiembre-


This outdoor concert, for the whole family, brings thousands of people to enjoy a free outdoor musical concert featuring internationally renowned musical groups.


December 13, 2019 Mariachi Christmas  

This professionally choreographed musical and dance performance depicting the true customs and traditions of Christmas in Mexico.